To Feel Deserving Of All Of This

by Van Gogh Sky

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released July 27, 2012

Vocals/Guitar: Mateo Garcia
Guitar/Vocals: Eric Gonzalez
Bass: Matt Dobrzanski
Drums: Peter Cole

Engineered by: Christian 'Doobini' Padron



all rights reserved


Van Gogh Sky Weston, Florida

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Track Name: I've Gained And Lost Patience With Time
To find comfort in saying it or holding it back
my throat burns either way.

I'd tell you it matters
but it's such a mediocre way to make a point.

Life is too big for that.

I'll find my way.
Track Name: This Is How You Better Yourself
A step beyond blue but not clinically depressed,
the sweet isn't as sweet as it used to be.
I'm scared I won't enjoy what comes out of this,
but I'll be glad that it'll be over, as long as I am older.

I forget the worth of growing and that living is a process.
No one really leaves but no one ever stays either.
I've been basing my decisions too much on your opinions.
Everyone around me seems to have their life figured out.

Forfeit myself to a lost cause.
Forget myself and who I was.

I've earned back the value of all my previous actions,
and I don't feel ashamed at all for who I've been.
I still worry about the future or where I'll be in ten years,
but I'm consciously striving for a life well spent.

I'm feeling OK about spending time alone.
Try forgetting and moving on.
To commit this to memory.
To feel deserving of all of this.
Track Name: Fyan Reller
Translucent eyelids
I can see right through your bones
and more like a punctured lung
I haven't got much time to waste.

This soliloquy stopped making sense
back when I invented the reason why this conversation had to end.
Just as abruptly as my fondness for human kindness.

Cause I've been afraid of the common cold
I've been a victim of suppressive secrets,
the longest running illness from
the family I owe everything to.

But I won't let this get into my head.

Parched tongues from the desert of your mouth
How lost I've been.

Living is great and nobody has to feel sad about anything ever.

No one wants this,
to be afraid of moving on.

With my priorities inverted like your sense of trust
I'll finish what I started no sooner than you'll end this show.

I'm confident that next to nothing I'm worth something.
I've juxtaposed my life next to those of the casualties
and I realized that I am fine.